Micro stay rooms

The Stayhopper is the first to introduce the microstay hotel rooms in UAE. This offers good opportunity and benefits for the hoteliers. There are thousands of hotels in UAE with the Stayhoppers updating their amenities and offers. It will help them to have a better exposure and reach more number of people than it individually can. It is easier for the customers as they can choose from many options. The Stayhopper is the best hotel booking app in UAE.


There is an increased need for hotels to offer short stays to customers. Today there are many business travelers who wanted to visit abroad for attending business meetings. Another reason is there is increased desire to travel by independent travelers and there are increased numbers of travelers who visit UAE. During their trips they need only a place to rest for few hours. They might require a hotel room to plant up their days or to freshen up before the meeting. The customers will also use a hotel room to pass their time before they are leaving the place. All these things will make you understand that short stay rooms are a necessary thing in UAE.

Moreover, today’s guests are convenient with flexible check-in and check-out times. Giving a 24 hours conventional check-out system in your hotel will make the customers hesitant to choose you and pay for 24 hours. This is mainly because no one will like to pay more than what they actually used. So it can be more attractive to customers if they can provide a more affordable stay for their guests.


Nowadays, the micro stays are emerging all around the world and it is very popular in the western and American countries. It is actually the way of selling hotel rooms based on the hours demanded by the customers. It is also known as day use rooms.

The micro stay is growing like a forest fire in the world and similarly in the UAE. It has shown a steady rise within few months of hourly hotel booking in UAE. Since it has numerous benefits, hotels near to the airports and other travel hubs are accepting these services more easily. The Stayhoppers are the leading micro stay app in UAE providing the best day use rooms. The Stayhopper is providing excellent hotel booking services and thus are the best hourly hotel booking app.



You may not be aware of all the great benefits the microstays will provide you. In short, the Stayhopper is meant to provide convenience and gain to the travellers through microstays. We are actually providing a better option for the customers for hourly based hotels in UAE and pay for the time they stayed. The microstay is the option which is beneficial for both the customers and hoteliers. Here are few great things about microstays.


Why paying for a full day amount if you are staying only few hours? The microstay is a solution for this problem. If you are on a business trip and you want to stay for few hours in a hotel in UAE, go for microstay. There are many hotels in UAE providing hotel rooms on hourly basis. The Stayhopper microstay app will help you to reach such hotels in UAE

Here you have to pay only for the hours you stayed and this is a change from the conventional practices of hotel stays. It was like you have to pay for a full day even if you had stayed only for 2 or 3 hours. The Stayhopper provides hotel rooms for hours from minimum of 3 hours to 6 or 12 hours. Thus you can feel good with microstay room options as you are paying only for relevant time.


The usual hotel practice was like having fixed check-out times. If the customer exceeds the time, they have to pay for the second day also. This was very inconvenient as most of the people wanted to choose their own time. The Stayhopper provides you the option to choose your convenient time in your chosen hotels. You can even extend your check-out time in the hotel.


With the help of Stayhopper microstay app choosing a hotel in UAE is made simpler. The app is updated with all the facilities and offers provided by the hourly stay hotels. All the important features are also mentioned with the Stayhoppers. You can even know about the hotel rooms from the reviews of the previous customers. You can choose your hotel from among a wide range of options.


Most microstay hotels offer free transportation services. This will make your journey more comfortable as you don’t have to worry about your travel from an airport or a station. The Stayhopper aims at bringing ultimate comfort to the customers.


You are allowed to use all the amenities and advantages of the hotels that are used by the full day customers. This is actually a good option to have fun and relish in luxurious hotels at lesser prices. You can have a good time while you stay for few hours in hotels.


hotels in Ras Al Khaimah

The Ras Al Khaimah is one among the seven emirates of UAE. It is one of the best tourist attractive places in UAE. People find many attractions there but staying in Ras Al Khaimah was expensive for them. Previously, there was no option for staying for few hours like the Stayhopper. The Stayhopper is the first to introduce hourly based hotel rooms in Ras Al Khaimah.

The Ras Al Khaimah is known for its prosperous port and its exquisite pearls. It also has many other attractions like beaches, desert, fort, museum, parks and much more. The tourists or business persons visiting Ras Al Khaimah will require less time in the hotels and more time outside. The usual trend of hotels in Ras Al Khaimah was to collect full payment for the few hour stays. The Stayhopper is the one which brought a revolutionary change to this conventional hotel practices. The idea was like you can stay for few hours and pay only for the hours you stayed.  This is known by the name microstays.


There are many hotels in Ras Al Khaimah providing micro stays. You can select your hotel with the help of Stayhopper microstays. The hourly stays are available from the minimum of 3 hours to 6 hours and 12 hours. This is actually a co-benefitting idea for both the hoteliers and customers. The customers have to pay only for the hours they stayed and the hoteliers can sell the room for more than twice a day. The customers are allowed to choose their check-in and check-out times. The Stayhopper microstays in Ras Al Khaimah are trying to give more flexible and convenient options to the customers.


It is available for the hourly stay customers to enjoy all the amenities and benefits of the hotels they stay. The hoteliers provide all the comforts and luxury of their hotels to the micro stay customers. The hotel amenities like swimming pool, gym, sauna, indoor games, Wi-Fi, satellile TV and all other offers will be provided. You can select the hotel of your interest and need with the help of the Stayhopper micro stay app. All the offers and features regarding the hourly stay hotels are updated with the Stayhopper app, thus making your selection easier. This is actually an opportunity of the people to enjoy the benefits of their favorite hotels in Ras Al Khaimah at fewer prices.


hourly hotel rooms

Travelling for business, a trip with family or a solo trip may be an unavoidable thing in your life. But at times, it seems to be much expensive than the expected amount. The Stayhopper gives you a perfect option to reduce your expense when you are on a travel. As you spend a major part of your money on your hotel stays. The Stayhopper is the best hourly based hotel booking app in UAE. We made it possible for the customers to pay less for short stays.


There are short stay hotels or hourly based hotels in UAE. These are aimed at improving the convenience of the customers, especially when they had to stay for few hours. Such hotels will give rooms on hourly basis starting from just 3 hours to 6 hours or 12 hours. The microstay rooms are helpful for different kinds of customers like business travellers, in case of flight layovers, tourists, people seeking a few hours relaxation from the busy life and much more.

The micro stay hotel rooms are provided with all the amenities and all facilities that are given to the usual customers. You can enjoy the fullest in the hotels. Just imagine if it was in your favorite or a luxurious hotel. It may be your dream comes true with the help of stayhopper.

There is a steady increase in the number of hourly hotels in UAE. This is mainly because it a favorable option not only for customers but also for the hoteliers. Micostays are one of the best ways to increase the financial status of the hotels. This is done by renting a hotel room for more than once in a day. Another reason for the attraction of hoteliers is the more exposure they obtain with Stayhopper.


Here are few reasons why you should choose Stayhopper for your hotel stays. When you are on a travel you can choose your kind of hotel in your destination very easily with the help of Stayhopper. Book a hotel room easily with the Stayhopper app. It is possible to select your own check-in and check-out times in the hotel. Enjoy everything that you need to have in the hotel. You can even extend the time of staying if you want to have. Finally, pay only for the few hours you spend in the hotel rooms. Have a good time in UAE. The Stayhopper has more yet to give you.


Hotel rooms for hours

Business meets will usually have businessman or their personnel coming from different countries or areas. In case of business travels the visits will be short and requires luxurious facilities. This will actually become more complicated to the organizers, as it will expensive to give rooms for many of them. The Stayhopper has the excellent concept of providing hotel rooms for hours in UAE considering the needs of business travels. It is the best option you could choose when you have to stay in UAE for few hours.


The guests will be from different places and they will arrive for the business meets at different times. All of them require in common will be a comfortable stay or a place to freshen up themselves. They generally need only few hours to take rest and they leave the place soon after the meet gets over. The hotels providing microstay rooms will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the hotels. It will provide you all the offers they provide to the full day customers. All the hotel amenities like the swimming pool, indoor game area, gym, Wi-Fi, satellite TV and each and every other facility can be used by the customers who chose to stay in hourly based hotels in UAE.

For such kind of visits, flexible hotel timings will be better. Choosing a hotel which has fixed check-in and check-out times will be difficult for them as they have to pay a full day amount even if they had stayed only for few hours. Paying for only the hours you stayed will be a reliable option for travellers or for their sponsors. You can choose the best hotels in UAE with the Stayhoppers.


The Stayhopper provides full day services and the services are excellent enough to meet the clients requirements during hotel booking. The Stayhopper is one of the best microstay hotels booking app in UAE. With the Stayhopper the customers are able to select the hotels according their requirements within their budgets.

The Stayhopper allows its clients to select from thousands of micro stay hotels in UAE. It provides all the flexible options for the customers regarding their check-in and check-outs and how much hours they want to stay. It allows the hoteliers to list and update all the details and offers of their hotels. The Stayhopper is trying to give all the flexibility in hotel stays for both customers and hoteliers.