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The Stayhopper was not just providing microstays through the time. It was giving the chance to enjoy every moment the customers stay in the hotel. The Stayhopper is providing the best hourly stay rooms in UAE. The micro stay hotels offered by the stayhopper will let you to use all the facilities and amenities of the hotels. Moreover, the microstay tends to be a more convenient option as it offers many flexible options to its customers.


With the Stayhopper microstays, the customers have to pay only fewer amounts for less time stay. Thus these microstays are reducing the stress of spending extra money. So we are creating a very special deal for you in lesser expenses. We are providing this service all around the UAE. The customers can use the hotel amenities just like the full day customers. No extra cost is needed and it is a gain for the hourly stay customers.

These kinds of day use rooms in UAE can help you to save a lot of money. Spending more on your stay will cost you a lot when you travel UAE. This will be very helpful for a customer as staying in Dubai and other areas of UAE has been very expensive. The business travelers visiting here may be in need of only a few hours hotel stay. They can stay for their convenient time and can pay only for that. The Stayhopper microstay starts from minimum of 3 hours to 6 hours or 12 hours.


The Stayhoppers are aiming to provide that ultimate flexibility to the customers. They can easily book the hourly stay hotel through the Stayhopper microstay app. It provides excellent services and helps the customers to book a hotel room easily. It allows the customers to choose from many hotels in UAE. All the details about the hotels including its geographic location, amenities offers and much more are listed with Stayhopper. This is actually an opportunity for the customers to enjoy the luxurious hotels in Dubai at lesser amount. The hoteliers can update the conditions of their hotels with the Stayhopper. This will let the hoteliers to gain more customers.

The people staying in the hourly stay hotel rooms in UAE can extend the time of their stay even while staying in the hotel. These kinds of flexible options are making the Stayhopper a more convenient option over the conventional hotel stays. The check-in and check-out times are as per the customer’s choice. This will help the customers to pay only less money. The booking can be done prior to few minutes of hotel stay. Giving more and more flexible options to stay is the major principle of Stayhopper.



The microstays can benefit the hoteliers along with their customers. The concept of micro stay is to provide hotel rooms on hourly basis. But it is more than just giving rooms for hours. The Stayhopper microstays are the first introduced micro stay app in UAE and it is providing best services to the customers. It will provide the opportunity for the hoteliers to earn more in a single day.


The hoteliers can be more convenient with the services of Stayhopper microstay. They can present and update about their hotels and its facilities through the Stayhopper. The hoteliers are getting better exposure for their hotels through the Stayhopper microstay app. This accounts for improving financially by selling a single room for more than once a day. This microstay concept will make your hotel known to many and the hotels can gain popularity.

It will be helpful for the needed customers during their searches for hourly stay hotel rooms in UAE. They can choose the hotel in a particular geographic location of their interest. The customers can also select hotel rooms based on their facilities, offers and charges. Allowing the customers to enjoy all the benefits of the hotels which they provide to the full day users made a trend in the tourism. This makes the customers more and more attracted to your hotel. Thus the Stayhopper is providing a convenient plot for both the customers and hoteliers.


The Stayhopper app gives 24 hours services to your customers. It is the best hourly stay hotel booking app in Dubai. This app is easy to use and will get quick responses, which made it more customer friendly. Due to this the Stayhopper has an increased number of customers in UAE. This will also provide the opportunity for the customers to extend their time of stay in the hotel while staying there. Thus the hoteliers can gain more with the Stayhopper’s outstanding services.

It gives the convenience of anytime hotel booking for few hours. Allowing you to choose your check-in and check-out time. This could be very much helpful to those travelers like business travelers who need only a few hours of stay. They can take rest or refresh with few hours by staying in a hotel room at less cost. The Stayhopper is the reason for bringing a favorable change from the conventional practices of hotel stays. This change is equally favorable for both hoteliers and customers. The revolution in the field made it the best hotel booking app in Dubai.



When we think of a trip, the main thing matters will be the budget. Having a low budget travel and stay at a developed country is almost impossible. The Stayhopper gives you that wonderful opportunity to stay at the great hotels of UAE at lesser prices. Thus, the Stayhopper microstays are making you to save more on your accommodation in UAE. This is the best way to reduce your travel costs without doing any compromise on the comfort of your stay. The Stayhopper is the first to introduce there hourly stay hotel rooms in UAE. Here are few ideas that can reduce your cost on accommodation.


For the hourly stay rooms one must pay only for the hours they stayed. The Stayhopper microstay starts from the minimum of 3 hours to 6 hours or 12 hours. You can even extend it for few more hours. Paying for few hours will cost you only less and thus a relaxation for your trip.

You can choose your kind of hotel from the list of many hotels offered by the Stayhopper. This is especially helpful in case of customers in Dubai, as staying costs a lot in Dubai. Comparing and choosing from a wide variety of hotels will help you get the best hotel in Dubai. The Stayhopper lists many luxurious hotels in Dubai in beautiful areas and even near to airports. This is one of the main reasons for the main reason for the selection of Stayhopper microstays by the tourists in Dubai.


After selecting hotel room from the Stayhopper micro stay app, decide your time to stay. It will be a more convenient option if you are able to select your check-out time. We give you the option to select your check-in and check-out times and the number of hours to stay. You can stay in the hotel room for only few hours and pay only for that. This has become a convenient change from the conventional practices regarding hotel stays.


This enables you to have a good time in UAE at least prices. The Stayhopper will help you to reduce your expenses on hotel stays. You can also stay and enjoy all the benefits and amenities of your favorite hotel. The hourly stay customers are given the full amenities and all the advantages of the hotel for their few hours. The customer will be free from regretting of paying more for staying for less time in a hotel. They will be happy as they are getting more benefits at lesser prices in hotels. The Stayhopper is the best micro stay app to provide day use rooms in UAE.


microstay in Dubai

Over the years, there had a change in the way the business travelers conceive their trips. Thus there is also a change in the concept of hospitality that the customers required. This is the main reason behind the introduction of microstays in UAE by the Stayhoppers. The staying options must be transformed to a more sensory one without compromising on your experience in any way. We understand the need for short time stays for business purposes and also on leisure trips. The Stayhoppers consider all that are required for a perfect vacation merged experience for you.


The Stayhopper microstays have all that which is required for the travelers for a smart-stay. When you are in need of meeting a client in a major city and your requirement is for few hours, the micro stay helps. You don’t have to stay for few hours and pay for the whole day. The microstays are hourly based hotel stays which provides you a cost-effective solution for this when you want a short time to relax. This is a revolutionary change in the field of travel and tourism.

With the change in time, the requirements of the travelers also changed. Nowadays, the trend is customization takes up more priority and people want smart staying options. The customers choose to stay in hotels with more flexible options. The Stayhopper gives you opportunity to stay in hotel rooms in UAE for few hours and gives more flexible options to stay. The Stayhopper is giving best microstay services in UAE.


With the introduction of hourly based hotel rooms in Dubai, the people became more convenient during their travel to Dubai. Other than just staying for few hours in a hotel room, it has much more to offer its customers. The Stayhopper microstays aim at adding a better convenience with more customization. Hence became the best micro stay app in UAE.

The Stayhopper microstays give the opportunity to its customers to enjoy all the benefits of hotels like its swimming pool, indoor games and everything it has. There is also the flexibility to choose the check-in and check-out times. You can choose your time to stay in the hotel and it is possible to extend your time by staying in the hotel. The Stayhopper, the best microstay app in Dubai is yet planning to make the micro stays more and more flexible to the customers.