Microstay Rooms

The microstay is meant for the convenience of customers visiting the hotels without harming the hoteliers. The Stayhopper introduced the microstay rooms in UAE for the first time. We made the people visiting the hotels in UAE to select their kinds of hotel along with flexible check-in and check-out times. Moreover, the microstays are a convenient mode of hotel stays as it is not like the conventional type of hotel stays. This is actually a revolutionary change in the history of UAE.


Paying for the non-stayed hours

Since years hotel stays in the cities of UAE is costly. People feel it unnecessary to pay the full amount when they are staying for few hours and less than a day. The Stayhopper made a solution for this problem which many of the people are facing. The solution is like pay only for the hours for used. Since the microstay rooms are available from a minimum of 3 hours of time and you have to spend money only for the time you used.

Fixed check-in and check-out times

The usual practice of the hotels is they will have a fixed check-in and check-out times. Even if the customer didn’t stay for the whole time or had stayed only for few hours, the customer has to pay the full amount. Similarly,the microstay rooms are finding a solution to this problem too. Now the hotel rooms are available for few hours and you have to pay only for the time you spend in the hotel. The Stayhopper microstays had created a better service with the hoteliers. Because both the hoteliers and customers are benefited from microstays.


Within that short period of time chose by you in the hotel of your interest you can have a good time. The customer can enjoy all the benefits of hotel given by the hoteliers within your time. Moreover, this is actually a better option to enjoy your favorite hotels in UAE at affordable prices.

The hotels in UAE have realized the importance of the trend of microstay rooms and had started providing microstays. Ever since the launch of Stayhopper many hotels are now giving permission to enjoy all the amenities of the hotels like gym, swimming pool, sauna, games and much more. This will allow the customers to stay and enjoy the hotel rooms of their interests. So the customers are free to choose his hotel according to the amenities.

Comfortable and Flexible Services

The microstays allow the customers to take a break from the busy and hurries of life with small expense. So that the customer wouldn’t regret about the money they spend. The Stayhopper made the microstays more comfortable and flexible with the best services. We enabled the customers to select their choice of hotel from a wide range of options. Different features and offers regarding the hotels are also mentioned with the Stayhopper app. So that, the customers are made easier to select the suitable ones. They are free to select their own check-in and check-out times.


Hourly Based Hotel Room


With the microstays the people are benefited and it is made for the convenience of people. Similarly, the hoteliers are also benefited as they can sell their rooms for twice or more in a single day. Primarily, this can increase their income. Not only that, the microstays can attract more customers to their hotels because the hotel options became flexible. The Stayhopper provides hourly based hotel booking facilities for the microstay hotels conveniently to the customers and hoteliers.


Through the Stayhopper the hoteliers can register their properties and its location. Along with this, they can also list their important features and advantages. The hotels can point out their amenities and the facilities given by them to the customers. Moreover, the availability of different varieties of rooms at different rates can help the customer to choose their affordable ones.

This also allows the hotels to highlight their peculiar features among other hotels. Since there are a lot of hotel options for customers, there are higher chances for the customers to visit websites like Stayhopper. As the number of searches increases, it is definitely going to benefit the hoteliers. There is an increased chance of getting a client. This will give better exposure to the hotels.


The hoteliers can mention their hotel amenities with the Stayhopper to attract customers. Firstly, the customers will check for the room amenities of hotels for a comfortable stay. Each and every amenity of hotels like gym, sauna, swimming pool, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, laundry and all other facilities can be listed through Stayhopper. The prices for your rooms and any other offers provided by your hotel can be mentioned with us. The Stayhopper provides the best microstay rooms in UAE and it allows the hotel also to benefit from this with the customers.


The Stayhopper offers hotels for microstay across all major cities in all the seven emirates of UAE. This is a useful service for people while visiting the UAE. The customer can book the microstay room according to your preferable timing in your preferred hotel.

Even if the client wants to extend the time or shorten the time, it is possible and easy with the Stayhopper. We provide all the flexible option for the customers that benefit both the customer and hotels. As it has nationwide accessibility, it became even more useful to tourists and business travelers.


Hotel room for hours

Staying in the most stylish Hotels in the UAE tends to be more affordable as they give rooms on an hourly basis. It starts from a minimum of 3 hours of time and more like 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. You enjoy the benefits of the best microstay for few hours in UAE within a short period of time at fewer prices. The microstay options given by the Stayhopper had been mind-blowing over time and it is now the best-suited hotel option for many people.

The Stayhopper had created a revolutionary change in the usual concept of hotel stays. The microstays are a more flexible kind of hotel stays. Which allows the customers to decide their own check-in and check-out times. More than that it became affordable to the customers. They have to pay only for the time they spend in the hotels. The Stayhopper is hand-in-hand with the best hotels in Dubai, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and Abu Dhabi. They provide a better modern kind of accommodation and personal care services.

Microstay for few hours

Through the Stayhopper you get to know about different hotels in UAE. The customer can select the best one suitable for their kind of needs. It may be like business purposes, traveling or getting some relaxation. The Stayhopper enables you to select the best microstay hotel from thousands of hotel options available with us. There are hotels based on different philosophies and architectures in UAE. They have both classic and modern and a combination of both in the hotel. You can select hotels with fine and comfortable interior designs and the latest technologies.

The Stayhopper is an innovative movement to meet the ever-changing needs of the customers. We aim at creating a new trend without compromising on the quality and authenticity of our services. The hoteliers can also benefit through the services of Stayhopper as they can sell their rooms more than once in a day. This can increase their financial output. There are hotels with unique designs and services available with the Stayhoppers.


So, why think a lot? Book your kind of hotel room with the Stayhopper for your time and at the affordable prices for you. The clients are also free to change their timing prior and after the booking if needed. The microstay services from the Stayhopper are flexible for the customers in all the sense. These microstay rooms are made for the convenience of the people from the contemporary practices of hotel check-in and check-out timings.


Microstay hotels in Dubai

The UAE, a federation of seven emirates is a major hub for expatriates than the Emirati citizens. Other than the art and culture of UAE, there is something more in emirates. The convenience for a living had attracted many people to this country. The Stayhopper is introducing the microstay rooms in all the emirates of UAE. It is definitely going to make a boom in the field of hotels and stays.

The microstay rooms offered by the Stayhopper are meeting the demands of customers. Through this concept, we also benefit hoteliers. They can register their property with us and we bring them business. Giving for microstays the hoteliers can improve their financial income to the hotels. This is because they can rent the room more than once in a single day.


The microstay hours starts from a minimum of 3 hours and it can be 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours as per your wish. The customer is practically able to select the check-in and check-out time. You can enjoy different benefits of hotels such as a spa, using the gym, swimming pool, and sauna. Stayhopper is introducing the first microstay rooms in UAE.       

In a fast-paced city like Dubai, the trends of microstay are growing rapidly. Later on, come the other parts in UAE. The Stayhopper provides the best microstay rooms in Dubai. People opt for these kinds of microstay hours for not only enjoying the benefits of hotels. They also go for microstays to get an interval from the daily routine of their busy life.


The Stayhopper offers microstay hotels which are quickly adapting to the new market demands regarding hotels. The clients are free to select the hotels which benefit them the most. Along with the hotel selected you are also able to select the check-in and check-out times.

We offer you all kinds of flexibility and personalization in choosing your likes. After you have chosen one check-out time and you want to extend that, it is also possible. You are flexible enough to choose your own time. The Stayhopper is meeting the demands of people regarding the hotels.

The microstay options are definitely good to do a thing for business travelers and in case of flight layovers. They are able to select their own timings other than the regular check-in and check-out times. With the Stayhopper you can select the best hotels in UAE. 


Microstay Hotel Booking

The Stayhopper is introducing the concept of microstay other than the conventional practices of hotel booking, which is the first time in UAE. The microstay is a necessary facility for people especially travelers, who need rooms for only hourly basis. Whatever maybe your need – a business meeting, around in the city or nearby places, the microstay can help you to stay for your needs by hours.

The microstay is the best option for many business travelers and also for jet lagers who seek accommodation only for hours. Stayhopper provides microstay in all the seven emirates of UAE. The customer is able to select the hotel and the check-in and check-out times. This will definitely save you a lot of money as compared to the conventional hotel booking methods. Whatever may be your staying hours- 3 hours, 6 hours, 10 hours or 12 hours you have to pay only for that time and save your money.

This will also help you to enjoy the pleasant and refreshing services of the high standard hotels in your required time. This is also the best idea to take a short nap in between your travel. We provide the best microstay rooms in UAE with different hoteliers.


We also specialize in giving micro stay suitable for all your requirements like personal stays, flight layovers, business purposes, tours or taking a break from the rush of your busy life. This is a convenient service for most of the people. You will surely love the flexibility offered by the stayhopper. The customer can choose your kind of stay from the number of options given by the Stayhopper. You can also select according to the amenities and cost of the hotels. We always keep the comfort of clients as a priority and select the best rooms to stay in the UAE.


This microstay service will not only benefit the customer but also the hoteliers. You know how? A single room can be given two or three bookings on the same day. This can generate revenue for your hotel. You will get paid at the reservation desk by the customers. Be a part of this convenient and money-saving system with the Stayhopper. We provide 24 hours customer support. The hoteliers are also able to showcase the rooms and can also provide the highlights if needed and it also enables to provide the timing slots. Together with the Stayhopper, you can strive to get happy customers.