The Stayhopper is introducing the concept of microstay other than the conventional practices of hotel booking, which is the first time in UAE. The microstay is a necessary facility for people especially travelers, who need rooms for only hourly basis. Whatever maybe your need – a business meeting, around in the city or nearby places, the microstay can help you to stay for your needs by hours.

The microstay is the best option for many business travelers and also for jet lagers who seek accommodation only for hours. Stayhopper provides microstay in all the seven emirates of UAE. The customer is able to select the hotel and the check-in and check-out times. This will definitely save you a lot of money as compared to the conventional hotel booking methods. Whatever may be your staying hours- 3 hours, 6 hours, 10 hours or 12 hours you have to pay only for that time and save your money.

This will also help you to enjoy the pleasant and refreshing services of the high standard hotels in your required time. This is also the best idea to take a short nap in between your travel. We provide the best microstay rooms in UAE with different hoteliers.


We also specialize in giving micro stay suitable for all your requirements like personal stays, flight layovers, business purposes, tours or taking a break from the rush of your busy life. This is a convenient service for most of the people. You will surely love the flexibility offered by the stayhopper. The customer can choose your kind of stay from the number of options given by the Stayhopper. You can also select according to the amenities and cost of the hotels. We always keep the comfort of clients as a priority and select the best rooms to stay in the UAE.


This microstay service will not only benefit the customer but also the hoteliers. You know how? A single room can be given two or three bookings on the same day. This can generate revenue for your hotel. You will get paid at the reservation desk by the customers. Be a part of this convenient and money-saving system with the Stayhopper. We provide 24 hours customer support. The hoteliers are also able to showcase the rooms and can also provide the highlights if needed and it also enables to provide the timing slots. Together with the Stayhopper, you can strive to get happy customers.

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